You can hear kids up to 12 years and parents spontaneously singing Peter’s songs in schools, libraries, summer camps, Provincial / National Parks amphitheatres and around campfires in communities across Canada and around the world. 

Peter’s highly interactive concerts and recording workshops are a celebration of human diversity, creativity and collaboration. 

Peter’s 3rd album “Proud Like a Mountain” won Canada’s JUNO Award, and was nominated Top-5 in in Family music for 5 different Canadian Awards including Western Canadian Music Awards (WCMA) and Canadian Folk Music Awards. 

A growing number of Canadian schools have adopted his tunes as their official school songs because they inspire the best possible start to their day by being enthusiastic, kind, creative, inclusive, resilient and welcoming of the orchestra of cultures that make up our schools and communities. 

Collaborating with other artists and mentoring future leaders, Peter’s award winning hands-on workshops with teachers, as well as other projects have earned him an array of awards including Alberta Emerald Award, First Choice-Superchannel, Billboard Songwriting Competition (Roots & Americana category), and Alberta Teacher’s Association/Excellence in Education. 

His most recent release “Campfire Time” (2021) has brought Peter his second WCMA nomination, and it is accompanied by a career-spanning songbook, and Teacher/Parent/Student activity guide.    

Meet the EnviroSongsters!

Peter & his musical pal Remy are also available as a duo!


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